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All of my body hair fell off, including my head hair, as my legs started to shrink. Though, it looked more like they were being squished down, as they were subsequently getting wider and wider. This also pushed my pants down further and further, until they were laying down on the ground, subsequently dissipating. As this happened, my legs were so far half their original size, though they were double the width, and my calves were practically non-existent. But, all three of these things kept happening at full force, while my feet also started to widen, though not as much as my thick thighs. However, that’s not all, as my outer toes on both feet started to come closer and closer together with the toe adjacent to it. Much like a transformation into a certain mermaid, all eight toes were matched up in pairs of twos, touching each other as if they were lovers. However, they soon became much closer, as the skin on those toes started to meld together, as if it was melted wax, permanently attaching themselves to each other. This then intensified as they started to get closer, as the bones down there started to amalgamate, leaving no distinction of once being two. Now, I have six toes in total, but we’re not done here yet, as the toenails on each foot start to grow out in both directions, covering my bigger toes more and more until there was nothing left to see but thick claws at the edges of my feet. To wrap things up down here, my skin on my feet starts to darken, at first becoming tan, then becoming distinctly African. However, it kept going down, becoming crisper and crisper until it was burned, becoming pure black. Though my skin is fine, it also subsequently hardens, becoming more reptilian in nature, as the new skin seeps up my new stumps of legs, darkening more and more, until it was all black as night.

Meanwhile, I felt a pressure at my hips, climaxing with my hips snapping out. Now, usually, this wouldn’t be bad. In fact, this is a staple when I switch genders (which, on a side note, I can’t see my member anymore, and I didn’t feel any arousal. This is not a good sign). However, this isn’t a normal hip expansion, or even physically realistic for any human, Nicki Minaj or otherwise. My hips snap out feet, yes, feet, obliterating my hipbone in the process, leaving nothing but fragments. It also moved my feet out along with it, making my stance much wider, and this is the only reason I didn’t topple over in sheer pain; my balance was too great. However, thank Arceus, the fragments started to grow out and glue themselves back together, eventually fixing my hipbone, as if it never happened, but making it far from human. Thereafter, my pelvic region started to droop down, expanding down and down due to intense fat and bone renovation. Soon, the spot where my manhood used to be had grew down a few inches, certainly becoming inhuman.

However, that was nothing compared to the pressure growing at my tailbone, as it started to grow, pushing out the skin there along the way. However, it was more than that, as muscles developed, making me able to move my tail around, as well as the swelling of my newfangled tail. Before I could realize it, my tail was pretty big, and was able to smash shit off of tables. Though, it was only a large stub with a tip on top at this point, so it wasn’t anything real special. But it sure as hell did, as it started to grow out quickly, at its peak growing an inch a second. I could feel the bones growing and the muscles thickening and developing as It rapidly doubled in length, also becoming shorter and shorter as it went forward, eventually becoming just inches long at the tip, finally stopping the growth of my massive tail. Hell, I think it’s longer than I am tall. Holy shit. But, that’s not what’s special about it. Okay, maybe a little, but, trust me, this isn’t it. I begin to feel a warm sensation at the tip of my tail, though I can barely see behind be what’s happening. However, that just slightly warmer air back there soon became hotter and hotter, quickly becoming uncomfortable. Before I could get a fire extinguisher, that heat soon transferred to a more visible source, setting the tip of my tail on fire. And it wasn’t just any fire, oh no. It was a blue one, even hotter than the standard flame you see light a cigarette. And it was on my tail, burning away. Yet, despite the panic that set in and the horror of the situation, I didn’t feel anything. No pain, to melting sensation, no agony. Just a slight tingle. Though my skin on fire did darken from white boy peach to pure black, as if the effects of the fire were having an effect. Though, if you haven’t noticed, my legs are the same color, indicating that it’s just part of the transformation. The soot color then spreads down my elongated tale, darkening more and more of my new appendence until it covered it all. However, ironically, the bottom of my tail remained unaffected, and in fact looked as if it was succumbing to frost bite, turning icy blue. Though, much like the rest of my new skin, it’s natural, and fills in the remainder of the tail with this new color. Actually, I just noticed that it matched my blue flame very well. Huh.

Anyway, this awesome color soon spreads off of my tail, remodeling my new pelvic region, as well the rest of the front of my torso, stopping right above my neck. And that just so happens to be where are the next transformation take place, as my beltline fades, bulging out with my pelvis and my stomach until there is no distinct difference between them and I gain an awesome beer belly, bulging out my shirt. Great…Anyway, that’s not all, as my chest area also expands out a bit, though my nipples were swallowed up when the ice color swept on by. So no boobs for me today, it seems. Meanwhile, new organs begin to form under my skin, with one in particular that needs attention. Out of nowhere, I get the need to belch, and as I do, I notice an ember fly out of my still human mouth. Weird. But what’s weird is the feeling coming from down there, as I think I feel a new sack in my body developing, soon to be fully connected to my brain and be able to do something that’s completely fucking awesome. I still have to wait to use this awesome power, which is possibly one of the most grueling down periods I’ve ever experienced. But, as my back became black, also stopping below my neck, I feel it become fully functional, and transport to a safer place to try out my new explosive. When the coast is clear, I open the gates and open my mouth, and out comes a pure, unadulterated fire blast. Oh yeah, I can breathe fire, how sweet is that. Sure, I permanently scarred my vocal chords, making me unable to talk again, my teeth are cooked and are falling apart in my mouth, and I’m pretty sure I can’t eat anymore. But who cares, anything I want can be set ablaze!!!!!

I was so distraught by my new ability that I didn’t even feel the new bones form next to my spine, which then started to grow out. It was only when I heard a rip behind me did I realize what was happening next. The next best thing to gaining the ability to scorch your enemies to a crisp; the ability to fly. Before it gets any worse, I take off my shirt to save it the agony of destruction, leaving me completely naked, as complex bone structures start to develop, making them capable of flapping, while simultaneously developing muscles to help but bones to work. And, of course, was the growth, quickly surpassing a foot in length and still growing. However, at this point, it was only peach bony claws and the internal parts in my body that made up my new bony structures, but that will soon change. As they reach ¾ of their intended size, also growing claws on the edges, navy blue flaps started to grow out of my under developed wings, making them actually fucking useful. At first, these flaps were just a curved line, but soon enough started to stop in certain places while other grew, making a bit of an artsy design to it. They elongated and elongated, along with the main system, until they slowed down and finally stopped, giving me wings about as big as a 7 year old, but more awesome to use (that didn’t sound right). And, as my bones became much more lightweight right afterwards, I was finally able for takeoff. I flapped my gothic wings, fitting for death himself to have, lifting off the ground a solid foot before falling back down, still not used to this new mechanic. But in due time, expect me to fly around your neighborhood and expect an awesome fire show as well. Wait, we’re not done yet...

As the bony exterior’s skin darkened and hardened, matching the rest of my back, my shoulders moved down a little bit, also pushing themselves out a bit, while my humerus lost any and all excess muscle. Or fat. Or anything, really. Before I could grunt, my humerus lost half of its original size, and well over that in length, becoming quite stubby and overall useless. The same thing happens to my Radius and Ulna, suffering the same fate of becoming stubby and pretty much useless. And, as they both become the same pitch black color as the rest of my sick body, along with my still human hands, changes start happening to those hands. Specifically, those fingers. You know where this is going. My thumb and pinky fingers slowly but surely get permanently closer to the index and ring fingers, respectively. Though, unlike normal movement, but like my toes, each time they get closer, the further I can pull them away, until they touch each other, like best buds. However, they get much closer, as the four sets of two fingers start to meld together, permanently attaching themselves to each other, now and forever. The bones also merge, becoming one whole finger. The loss of my fingers really hinder my ability to type, though the flaming giant tail might have made it harder as well, and the lack of thumbs just made it so much harder to do a lot of things. But who cares, I got fire and flight, right? Yeah!!!! As my fingernails, like their cousins down below, start to grow sharper, though not becoming as big or covering that much, I feel a sharp pain at my elongated shoulders.

At first glance, it looks like two mosquito bites on both sides of both shoulders, as little bumps start to protrude from my hard skin. But, when I saw the spot grow before my eyes, and pretty rapidly, no less, I knew this was nothing normal. At least, for most people. As the spots grew, becoming more pointed, the tips started to brighten from their usual black to a darker ice blue then the rest of my body. This then spread down as the growth continued, eventually stopping at about three inches in length, with the blueness stopping its assault a few seconds later, leaving me with blue spikes on my shoulders. Now, some of you may be wonder, what purpose do these spikes have, per say? And, that’s simple, it’s………uh………well, there could be……Okay, there completely and absolutely useless. Oh well. Now, all that remains of my human form is my neck and my face, while the rest is in complete mega form. But that soon changes, as the base of my neck starts to widen a bit, also destroying any and all ability to speak anything at all, leaving me with primal grunts and the like. It then starts to grow out, curving along the way, pushing out my head more and more while two, I don’t know, fins, start to protrude from my growing neck. It keeps growing and growing and growing, and certainly gives me a new outlook of the world around me with each passing second. Like everything else, it did stop growing, reaching well over double the original size, looking quite awesome, actually. Though the two fins, which stopped growing soon afterwards, do stick out like a sore thumb. But no matter. Also, the skin on my neck also succumbs to the darkness on top, and the frozen on bottom (that made no sense), becoming their flagship colors for their size before I could say, well, I can’t speak. So just real quickly. And, before I could protest, these colors didn’t stop at my neck, and kept going up my head, with the blue stopping right below my bottom lip, with the black covering the rest of my face, permanently removing all human skin.

Meanwhile, the animalistic changes occurred to my face, starting with shrinking and subsequent disappearance of my lips, making me never able to kiss. And with this sexy body, that certainly a shame. Whatever, anyway, I felt pressure on top of my bald head, as two bumps start to grow out up there, followed a little later with two smaller ones right below them. These things kept growing and growing, reaching lucrative heights before stopping quite a time later, with the big ones becoming about 10 inches long while the small ones were about 2. And, with a tad of light blue on the top, covering about ¼ or so, I can’t really tell, my horns are perfect. But my face still isn’t, and now comes my third favorite part, as well as my favorite part about animal (or Pokémon) transformation: the muzzle. Yep, not long after parts of the top of my head grew out, my entire face started to be pulled out, becoming wilder by the second. And I loved every second. I could feel my jaw strengthening, making up for my rather weak hands, and able to crush any puny human’s head in an instant, while all of my burnt, ruined teeth finally crumble away except for my four canines, disintegrating before reaching my throat, while the remaining teeth get a new chance at life, recovering from their fiery incident while also becoming sharper and more deadly. My nose’s cartilage was consumed, causing my nose to shrink, while the remaining holes are pushed out and sideways by a new force, giving me more of a muzzle rather than a mouth. Plus, my eyes have been expanding along with it, growing out sideways, becoming shorter and shorter the more it goes out. And, as my mouth slows down its growth, eventually stopping (leaving me with a killer mouth), my irises start to change color, seeming as if there was internal bleeding behind them, as my blue-green eyes change to an odd red. Now, I look exactly like a Mega Charizard X, but there’s still one thing missing, but it will come in due time.

And, sure enough, it does, as the edges of my long mouth start to spout off a blue ember or two a minute, before having a blue ember or two come out every thirty seconds, and so on. Soon, embers are flying out of my mouth at a constant rate, subsequently growing in size as well. Just before it seems like it would reach its size goal, it stops for a second, as if to say “get a good look at your mouth, because this is the last time you’ll see it without shit coming out of it” (though that was a loose interpretation). Then, without warning, a heavy stream of glorious blue fire burst from the sides of my mouth, stretching out for about a foot. And, as the seconds ticked by, I knew this was a permanent change, and I actually accepted this pretty well. My transformation into Mega Charizard X is complete, and I’m ready to kick some ass.
Source: All mighty Bulbapedia

Man, I just love fucking with you guys recently. The second day without some guy getting boobs, what madness is this?!?!?! This is my channel, and I can do whatever the hell I want, though trust me, next up will be a TG. Promise. So, if you haven't guessed by now, I'm a big Pokemon addict. I have a bunch of the games, a bunch of cards, and I've already written two TGs about the series in the past (1 and 20, to be specific). So, it was only a matter of time before I wrote a transformation into a Pokemon. Now, as for how I did, eh. To be fair, I've had a miserable day, and I'm pretty sure I'm sick, so I've just been really down recently, so maybe that's why I'm not the biggest fan of this. But no matter, I'll put it up anyway. Oh yeah, this is actually my longest pure transformation to date, at just one line longer than TG 13, though the mind change still makes the latter longer. But enough rambling, hope you enjoy, TF fan or not, and, again, next up is a TG, I swear to God. 

P.S. Actually, I got nothing, except that I may do another Rant Time to let loose my FRUSTRATION at some point. I mean, if you want me to yell about how my life's not doing well in some cases. Constructive Criticism and requests are welcome.

P.S.S. Sorry for any grammatical errors, I didn't proofread it. I hope to get back into that soon. 

P.S.S.S. Oh yeah, thanks to :iconbikerdude2k5: for the TG to Meghan Trainor for the trade. My part of the trade was the McCurdy TG (which, by the way, thanks for the overwhelming support and liking it. It's appreciated)
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Just so you know, Nicki Minaj isn't a real human. She is a jynx fused with a barbie doll with unnatural proportions made to satisfy Lil Wayne's fetishes so he can stroke his half-inch(he's called LIL Wayne for a reason)
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Soon, soon. My goal is to shoot for Sunday night, maybe Saturday if I go through the next two TGs at the speed of light, and Monday at worst, though I hope that's not the case. You've not been forgotten, its just that I have a lot of requests I needed to do first. 

Also, thanks, I always like to try something different. 
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